The Sage Mule

About us

The Sage Mule began as the brainchild of a husband and wife who wanted to share their passion for food and hospitality with the growing City of Greensboro.

Steve Gingher, a Greensboro native, and his wife Jan began renovation on the building at 608 Battleground Ave. in April of 2019. With the goal of creating and maintaining a quality work/life balance (something often overlooked in the restaurant business), Steve and Jan knew they wanted to focus their skills and experience on opening a Breakfast and Lunch restaurant. It was then that they began brainstorming and recipe-testing, and eventually developed the menu and atmosphere that has people waiting for hours just for a chance to experience

Opened in November 2019, The Sage Mule is fast becoming one of Greensboro's most popular hot spots for their all-day breakfast and lunch and their delicious Weekend Brunch menu. Originally started as a quick-service restaurant with coffee, beer, and wine, The Sage Mule has blossomed into a full-service establishment with a full bar, a coffee program offering locally-roasted coffee beans, an ever-expanding beer and wine list, and a kitchen that always seems to have something for everyone. Their freshly baked pastries and breads have made their way into the morning routines of much of Downtown Greensboro's growing population. The food served is unassuming, yet always made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients. The beverage program has been meticulously curated to appeal to both the weekend brunch-warrior as well as the weekday workaholic. You'll find too that The Sage Mule is committed to using environmentally sustainable products whenever possible. These qualities all come to light when you enter the restaurant and are greeted by passionate, experienced professionals who are committed to going above and beyond for their guests.